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Lockdown #2 Day 1: celebrate your wins

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Friday. January 15th. Portugal goes into its 2nd Coronavirus Lockdown. I’m just finishing one more workweek. So, let’s forget we are in Lockdown. Not forget, forget, because we still need to remember to #StaytheFuckHome, but I decided to write, create content, share useful information during this Lockdown. And get back on the blog. So, today I decided to share something I’m very bad at doing and that I found it very helpful to do on a Friday… even more on a lockdown Friday.

That thing is: celebrate your wins.

I found across an article today that reminded me of ending the week strong by writing down my 3 greatest accomplishments of the past week.

I’m going to be truthful with you: at first, it wasn’t easy. My head was blank. As always when thinking about celebrating my wins. That’s actually one of my goals I want to work on this year.

But then, I started by thinking about what gave me happiness, excitement, proud during the week. Even if I found these were small things. And they were. Here they are:

1. Review my “endless” virtual post-it notes
2. Start using One Note for a meeting I needed help with – yes, I found a system for a problem I had!
3. Recurrent tasks on Todoist for due dates – and now I feel organized!

And that’s it. You know what? I found that these small things brought me a lot of peace, pride, and achievement.

So, today I challenge you to do the same: end the day on a right note, write down your 3 greatest achievements of the week.

Now think how much those helped you or made you feel. Here it is, you are celebrating you! Are you awesome or what? You are!

Now for a much needed rested weekend! See you on Monday or on Instagram!

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