2020: Let’s create a hell of a decade!

2020 has begun. A new year, a new decade, a new adventure. When I was preparing the change of the year I thought about writing a post with my decade review. I even drafted it in my Bullet Journal (which I have got back to using and is now starting to feel like my best friend), but it didn’t feel right.

The last decade had a lot of great accomplishments. Actually, it was a hell of a decade. But, do you really want to know what happened in 10 years of my life? Well, if you do, here it is:

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2010 – I entered university

2011 – My godson has born and I have started my radio host experience

2012 – I have done my 1st video on Youtube and was invited for my 2nd radio experience

2013 – Presented a book in the Lisbon Book Fair

2014 – Started dating my future to be husband

2015 – Moved in together, got my first job as a Developer and adopted Luna

2016 – Changed job + had my 1st work trip to Finland

2017 – Had our 1st trip together and had 2 more work trips, in which I got the change to visit Germany and the beautiful city of Berlin + Got engaged!!!

2018 – Got my 1st experience as a Scrum Master + spent 3 weeks working in London (my dream!)

2019 – Got married, pregnant, moved houses and visited the city of my dreams, Rome!


Yes, it was a very good decade, but let me tell you, it wasn’t perfect, as no one else’s has been, I’m sure. It started badly, with myself so lost that if you told me that moment that my decade would end this way I would laugh at you. You can even read about how I started last year, it wasn’t easy.

But you know what? Now I can write this blog post and tell you that it doesn’t matter how this decade starts for you. It doesn’t matter if you feel like it will never work out for you. It doesn’t matter what your college degree is making you feel like you’re never going to be what you dreamed. It doesn’t matter that the boy you’re obsessed with doesn’t seem to love you the same way. It doesn’t matter anything.

What matters is that you have the power to change that. You have the power to change your today. And you have the power to change your tomorrow. And you are going to change it. You are going to be happy. You are going to succeed. And you are going to make your dreams come true. They will be true.

If you don’t believe it, just look at me. I’m there. I have archived my 2010 dreams. I have landed my dream job without even believing it could become true. I have married the perfect guy that I don’t even know existed 10 years ago. I have worked in my dream city in my favorite time of the year and had to check myself it was true. I have moved to my dream city to live (even if I’m not sure if I want to be here the whole decade and that’s ok). I’m living my teenage dreams.

And you are going to live your too. One day at the time. One action at the time. One way at the time. You just need to begin and ask yourself: what do I need to do to make this happen? What can I do today, this month, this year?

I’m going to be right here to help you achieve it!

C’mon, leave it in the comments, what are your dreams for this decade. Let’s dream and action together. Let’s build our dream life!

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