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    How to get back to work after the summer break

    I know most of you don’t want to read this, but the truth is summer is almost over and some of us are already coming back to work. Others are still dreaming of the summer lazy days, in that case, save this post to your bookmarks, read this post and enjoy your time off. Let’s get started now: Getting back to work after a well-deserved summer holiday it’s tough. You dread that day. No, why have these days go by so fast??? But you know what? You don’t need to feel that way. And that is why I’m here today writing you this post. I don’t and I want to…

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    My tips for the perfect remote workday

    I love working from home. I’m a known advocate of working remotely way before corona hit us. I prefer way much to get up and start working without having a commute in between. But, I know it’s difficult for some, and there are a few changes that even I had to implement to work perfectly for me. Here are my tips for having a perfect productive remote workday, based on what I learned in years of working from home. “Remote work does have its share of problems. Some people dislike working in the same place where they live and relax, and it can be difficult to create and maintain a…

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    4 Top Things That Helped Me Work From Home This Year

    I love working from home, I’m all about working remotely. But… We all need to agree that working from home in the past year hasn’t been easy, or at all the same as it was done before. At least not around here, now that we have a baby and had to work remotely during a pandemic. That is why today I bring you the 4 Top Things That Helped Me Work From Home This Year. And I promise, they are easy and everyone will be able to implement them in their life. 1. Wireless headphones Ok, I was a little skeptical to make this change, since I travel for work…

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    Lockdown #2 Day 1: celebrate your wins

    Friday. January 15th. Portugal goes into its 2nd Coronavirus Lockdown. I’m just finishing one more workweek. So, let’s forget we are in Lockdown. Not forget, forget, because we still need to remember to #StaytheFuckHome, but I decided to write, create content, share useful information during this Lockdown. And get back on the blog. So, today I decided to share something I’m very bad at doing and that I found it very helpful to do on a Friday… even more on a lockdown Friday. That thing is: celebrate your wins. I found across an article today that reminded me of ending the week strong by writing down my 3 greatest accomplishments…

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    What to do on your summer holidays to recharge (even at home)

    We had some pretty intense months. You may have been challenged to start working from home, have your kids 24/7, homeschooling, forbidden to go out for your usual relax outings, or working as a necessary front line worker while everyone was safe at home. Whatever was your reality on the first part of this year, there wasn’t a time where you deserve these tips more than this moment: One thing I always enjoyed at the end of the summer was the planning of getting back to school, to a new year of hustling, adventures, new things. Do you remember that sensation? A few years ago I found myself asking: why…

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    How I Got Started and you can do it too

    A year ago I posted a Youtube video with how I became a Developer where I quickly told you how I ended up working in a multinational IT company doing something I love. One year after, my experience not only increased but developed my ambition to show you how you can do it too. There is why today I’m going to show you exactly that: While I was working on this blog post, I decided to add a little sneak peek of this conversation to an About page which you will be able to find at all times in the top menu of this blog. There I will be updating…