Gift Guide: Things Every #WomaninTech Would Love to Get This Christmas

It’s Christmas! Or almost there. The time of the year to gift the ones you love. So, if you have a woman in tech on your shopping list I got you covered. Or if you are a woman in tech yourself looking for ideas for your own Santa’s list, keep reading along too.

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Christmas gifts, right? They can be stressful. What to pick for mom? What to pick for dad? And the brother? What about the sister, girlfriend that love all the gadgets, work in the tech field, or is just a big nerd. I’m all the above, so I got you covered. If you too are a woman in tech or a tech lover join me and update your Santa’s wishlist with these 5 ideas.

1. a new office chair

Since most of us moved to work from home a year ago, never a good home office chair was so important. If you work from home yourself, you know how painful can be to keep working in a bad chair for days on end. You could help with this for your woman in tech. You can ask her if she has a style in mind, but if not, here are some suggestions from our household of nerds: a gaming chair (ours is an Alpha Gamer and it serves the purpose, but there is from all prices), an ergonomic chair (Herman Miller is the reference in the field, but ErgoChair Pro from autonomous seems a good one to start) or a fitness ball (there are people that swear by it and we are planning on trying it for 2022).

2. a colorful mouse

Who wouldn’t like a new colorful mouse? Logi has a few very cute ones that are not expensive, if your girl is more gamer style I would point you in the Razer direction. Their pink collection is awesome. Who wouldn’t like a pink mouse? Well, maybe not every girl. Just verify first that your woman in tech is a pink lover too. If not, you can always pick a black version with colorful lights. I have someone in our household that it’s a sucker for those and it’s not me. πŸ˜‰

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3. a colorful keyboard

Talking about being a sucker for colorful keyboards. Not going to tell you how many do we have in this household. But, there is always a fun idea. If you don’t want to buy a new keyboard, you can pick a mouse/keyboard pad, there are several ones in the market already that have a neon light around them, where she can choose which color to have for the day in her setup. It’s a good and cheap way to customize your desk, and she will love it, especially if she’s a gamer, that is a top buyer in the gaming community. Continuing on the keyboard idea, you have several to choose from, if you are in Portugal my husband will point you out in the direction of PCDiga to find the best ones in the Portuguese market, if you are outside of Portugal, you can choose a Razer (which is always a fav for these kinds of gadgets), Ducky one, Logitech (I had to go ask the hubby, because I just use a Mac one, so if your girl is an Apple lover, you are always ok with an Apple solution).

4. a course

One thing I can ensure you. If there is one thing that your woman in tech is always ready for is to learn something new. So if you find yourself, one day or hours to the Christmas gifts exchange and without a clue on what to present her, a course or a membership of places like Pluralsight, Udemy or Masterclass, is always a good idea. For me, Masterclass is on my wishlist. Have you seen how many interesting people are teaching on that platform? I want to learn how to write the next Grey’s Anatomy with Shonda now!

5. a new monitor

Ok, another thing that is very important since we work from home, or if your girl loves to work or game at her own home setup, is a monitor. I can’t believe how much my work changed since I got a monitor in my home office. Especially if you are a developer, long are the days where I had to see the VS Code, the Eclipse, the browser and the Confluence page all on the same monitor. It’s tough. It’s difficult. And working too long on a simple laptop screen (especially if you don’t raise it to an eye-level) will severe your neck and back). Ok, now that I persuaded you, there is a lot of choices to go through. If your girl doesn’t have any screen, you can start by buying a 1080p. It’s what I’m writing this post on, and I can say it works perfectly for me (it’s a Samsung one). But if you have a little bit more of a budget, I would point you in the direction of this. It’s pretty expensive, but it’s what the developer of the household works on and it’s a dream. For developers or anyone that needs to have a lot of things open at the same time, this is the monitor. But if your girl is more of a gamer, this one will not be a good idea (because of things that I can’t explain because I’m not a gamer but I know because we were on the look for a better option a year ago). For that, if the 1080p is not enough, you can choose a 24.5″, something like this, which was hubby’s last Christmas present and he’s very happy with it, for gaming purposes of course.

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6. new headphones

And the headphones! I almost forgot about this. This may not be a big surprise for you if you read this post, but if your girl doesn’t have some AirPods, you need to buy her some. If she’s an iPhone girl. If she’s more of an Android girl, you can choose the Samsung Galaxy Buds. Or anything like it that has a good noise-canceling system. I swear by my AirPods, the android guy of the house swears by the Galaxy Buds. You can choose your own. But I can say, whatever you choose, be sure they are noise canceling.

And there you have it. I hope you enjoyed all these recommendations of gifts to pamper your girl this season. If you find it helpful, leave a comment below, I would love to know. If not, let me know which better ideas should we share. Books are always a good idea also, and if you have the money and she’s in need, a new phone too. Or computer. A computer is always a good idea. But, let’s keep ourselves on the budget, shall we?

Have a lovely holiday season, everyone! See you in December or every day on our Instagram page.

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