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    Tips I give to every new college student

    It’s September. A new study year starts. And a new batch of new college students just starts the adventure of a lifetime. Are you one of those? If so, just get along and start this new year with the top tips to have the best college experience ever: Spoiler alert: it’s not where to get free alcohol! I’m going to be very true to you, I would love to have these tips when I went through college. So I hope they will help you feel and be a better and happier college student than me. I can imagine how nervous and excited you are right now. It’s like the world…

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    How to choose the right college degree

    In my How I Got Started and You Can Too post I advised on going to college only if you really wanted to, today I share how you make the right choice while choosing the right college degree for you. Spoiler alert: choose something you love! Around my 2nd year in college, I hit a block. I wasn’t happy. I didn’t feel like I was learning what I needed. I felt lost. I almost give up and went to a fly attending course (if you know me, you know how funny this seemed, I’m 1,50cm!). But I got through and this was what I learned through this course and what…