About Tânia

It was 2005 when I dived into the rabbit hole of some fun things called blogs. I fell immediately in love. I was 14 when I created my first space at www and spent the next 10 years studying all there was about digital communication during elementary, secondary school, and college, where I went to study how I could connect this passion with my ambition of working as a Journalist.

Long story short, my college degree didn’t satisfy my ambition and I fell lost in my second year, almost dropping out of college, until I decided to sign up for an internship in a communication field I had a lot of curiosity to know more about: radio.

During two years I had the opportunity of falling in love with this world and working as a radio host on more than one radio station, had lots of great challenges and adventures which made me wake up to the even bigger possibility there was in the world of digital communication.

While in college, I got the opportunity to study Marketing & Advertisement which increased, even more, my curiosity about Digital Marketing, and made me spend the whole summer studying more and more about it.

After three years of college, 10 years of studying, and applying my passion for Digital Communication in my blogs, I graduated college to discover that all those years of creating for the web had me prepared for another big adventure I wasn’t even expecting I could do: be a developer.

I got my first experience as a Web and Mobile Developer in 2015 and never looked back. Now, seven years of experience later I work as an IT Delivery Manager for a big international company where I love what I do and continue to develop my passions for this world while keeping my www space.

My goal is to share with you how I did it and how you can too live the life of your dreams, just getting started.

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  • Published my first book 25 Days to Christmas on Wattpad in November 2021;
  • SAFE Scrum Master for an international company;