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Lockdown #2 Day 5: Make a Quarantine To-Do List

First lockdown weekend has come and go and I almost published this post. But then I have the realization: no, I’m not going to work on anything this weekend. I’m going to take a real, true, relax break. (One idea to post about later.) So, I drafted the idea and left it for today. Here it is:

Even if you feel like you’re stuck at home, thinking about it in a different way will make you feel so much better. Even if you’re stuck in your little apartment, room, alone, with your kids homeschooling… Having something to look forward to is key in these times.

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I started by creating a project on Todoist called “Quarantine Ideas” where I started writing things I would like to fill my days with. Habits I want to enjoy in these unprecedented times. Things I have now the opportunity to do and that would bring me joy. Things I would like to try.

When I started having some problems getting ideas on my own I took it to Pinterest and found dozens of great ones by searching “lockdown to do”.

One thing to have in mind: this shouldn’t feel like another to-do list, but a dump one where you can go pick a fun or joyful one that would get you excited when the lockdown gets difficult. Don’t put on there things that don’t excite you. For example: organizing my kitchen after moving and having everything all over the place excites me, but may not excite you. Just choose what you think would bring you joy.

Hope you had a lovely and joyful Monday… even on lockdown!

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