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Lockdown #2 Day 6: If you’re not well…

Advice for this 6th day in lockdown:

“Se não estás bem, põe-te bem.”*

*Portuguese proverb (not really, it was just created 5 min ago) meaning: if you don’t feel like yourself, do something to fix it!
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I found that this is the philosophy I’ve been following for the last decade. If I’m not ok, I just search how to fix it. Especially, when I feel lost, confused, tired, overwhelmed.

If you feel like that right now, not like your used self: do something about it. Just one little step. Look for help. It may be something so easy as searching what you feel on Google (but remember, Google is not a doctor, according to him, everyone has cancer!), tips on Pinterest, reaching out to a friend or family member. Just take the leap.

I actually have a board on Pinterest with the best tips for getting back to your own self. It is actually called “Getting back” because I know how that feels and I populated with what worked for me and, I know, will work again. Here it is.

And if everything fails, just dance it out.

Best luck for tomorrow’s lockdown day. 7th day in Portugal! We can do this. Actually, is not that hard being home, right? If it’s being hard for you, let me know why below! Let’s share and see if we can help each other. 🙂

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