This is the First Blog Post

You know what I hate? Like, really really hate?

First Blog Posts

Not reading them, but writing them. In my more-than-I can-count 14 years old career as a blogger I can’t remember how many times I had to write this terrible species of multimedia content. And independently of how many I write, I keep hating them. And forgetting about them until the next time something happens with my last blog and I decide to switch or create a new one and have this terrible thing to deal with ALL OVER AGAIN.

You know what, I think I’m done with them. Aren’t you done with them? Let’s start a revolution: NO MORE FIRST BLOG POSTS!

At least, for me… Well, let’s try, shall we?

Since this is indeed a first blog post I’m by the rules of the interwebs totally obliged to let you know what I’m planning on doing here in this place. If you were already following taniasequinho.com or my Youtube channel you have a good idea of what I was already sharing or planning on sharing, if not, great because I’m not continuing to only sharing those things anymore or at all.

I’m done with the wedding themes (yes, I got married, it was a perfect day, I bet I’ll found some way to blog about it, maybe, sometime, but I’m so done with it that I wanted to give away all my wedding magazines and instagram accounts and trello boards and… you get it) and with the other boring stuff too.

I will maybe continue to talk about my experience as a Developer in Lisbon (even if I have switched from being a full stack to love my life as a Scrum Master, but well, I still love the field and am in the field, the only different thing is that now I have another view of it and more to talk about and share with you). Plus, now I live in Lisbon, so I will for sure share something about that too, about moving from Lisbon country side to the city. Spoiler alert: I prefer the country side.

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Another thing I would like to talk more about is the climate crises, I think is important to share a lot of information that I’ve been learning since I discovered a fun challenge in July called Plastic Free July and read that we have only a few months / years to change the way we are dealing with our planet. So, I know I will want to share a few things and pass the information I’m glad I found so more people can know and make the change, as I did.

There’s one more thing I need to let you know that I’ll for sure start to write about. This is kind of scary to share, since I thought I was going to share with you almost one year ago (when I stopped making new Youtube videos, actually), but things didn’t worked out as we thought they would. This things happen and I want to talk more about it too, since I felt totally lost when it happened to me, I’ve only been getting strength to write about it so I can help someone in the future, as I got helped by other bloggers and content makers around the world. But, the good news this year are: we are expecting a little boy or girl coming next March. We couldn’t be more happy to let you know that this little nugget is 4 months old in my tummy (16 weeks for the curious people out there) and getting stronger and bigger every day. My yoga pants don’t fit me anymore, so get ready for some very funny or not posts about me nagging about pregnancy. I’m already dreaming of my Gin Tonic and sushi plate next spring. But I love you little nugget! <3

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And last but not least, I’m going back to blogging because I can’t live without it… Well, it’s true, I’m some kind of addict or I just can’t give up of creating new spaces in the internet. And I decided that this is the time to get serious about my writing. I’m going to be a mom, my life is going to change and I don’t know how much, so if not now, when? So, I’m getting serious about having a real author blog and am getting back to writing. I’m starting this month by getting on the ride with some good Preptober since I’m challenging myself, one year more, on doing NaNoWriMo. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to be working on that month, but I know I want to and I have been the whole year thinking and waiting for it. So, I’m going to do it. More on it to come.

So, I hope you have enjoyed it. Get used to read a bit more from me, but don’t wait for those boring blog posts with amazing and Pinterest like images that you can Pin and forget about it because I’m done with all that bullshit. I want to write, not be one more blogger that follows the 1001 marketing tactics on how to be a successful blogger. Aren’t you done with it? I know I am.

See you soon, people! Thank you so much for reading. 


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