NaNoWriMo Prep – What I’m writing + Publishing Day coming soon!

It’s October! I can’t believe it! I love this time of year! Halloween is here, all the festivities are starting, and most importantly for this post: NaNoWriMo is almost here!

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If you don’t know what NaNoWriMo is, I will forward you to their beautiful website where they explain you better, but basically, every November, there is a worldwide event where the goal is to write a 50k novel. And I have done it for the past 9 years. Some years I own, some years I don’t. But it made me become closer to the life I have now and I can’t thank it enough.

It got me Inês. A story that I started writing still in college and have completed last year, actually on NaNoWriMo. It had helped me find authors all over the globe that inspire me every day to keep this dream of mine alive. It had inspired me to be a better writer, every year.

NaNoWriMo for me is a celebration, a month that I love to devote to this passion, where I embrace a story and go for it. Last year was legendary. I loved it. I went with everything. I wrote almost every day, I did sprints for the first time, I joined a writers’ FB group, I even joined for extra live sprints on Youtube when the ones in my group weren’t on, I searched for ways to improve, I found ideas everywhere I looked, they started to come to me naturally, and that was revolutionary for me. It was amazing! And this year, I intend to do the same. Embracing all the madness and love every minute! My boys already know: mama is going to be busy writing next month, but they (secretly) love it.

So, what am I writing this year?

This year I’m planning to write a new story. Yeahy! I have been working in Inês for the past 7 years. Wow! It was really that long? I completed the story last November and have decided to publish it this year by the name of 25 Days to Christmas. The EN translated version will be completely live and free on Wattpad at the end of this month. Be excited! #ChristmasIsComing

So, where does that get me? I took a bit of time off from writing in the past year so I could focus on translating 25DtC. I wrote it primarily in Portuguese, so I had a big bunch of work to do on that matter. While taking that time off I let myself breathe and take in every idea that would come up to me. I didn’t stress or think about the next story, I just knew that I was not going to stop there and that new ideas would come to me, naturally. And they came. And I made sure to write down every one of those. #writethattipdown I would be at a petrol stop station, get an idea and would top and immediately write it down. This happened throughout the year and especially when I’ve made the decision to focus more on my writing career.

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And that’s one of those ideas that I’m going to write on NaNoWriMo. Right now, when I’m writing this, I have two, one is a fanfiction that just came to me because I’m a huge fan of the story and wanted to write something similar (what I can say is that the story happens on a summer beach house) and the other is still more open, I know it’s about a princess which I got the idea after reading The Royal Runaway a couple of years ago, but I have the vibes to add a little bit more of vampires and such to it, but I’m not sure yet.

But when you’ll read this, I’m sure I’m hooked on the idea. I’ll be spending this month prepping for the event, getting my idea structured, adding a few more ideas to the plot, and drafting some of the scenes. I loved doing it last year and it was awesome to start November with something already mapped out.

So, there we have it! Preptober. I’m excited! Are you?

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