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#RomanticSuggestionOftheWeek: Cruel Intentions

Being the hopeless romantic I am and a writer, I spend a big part of my free time watching researching different tv shows and movies to fill my well (aka my hopeless romantic heart of exciting new ideas to incorporate into my stories). So I have decided: what better way to put that “hobby” more to work than create a new series here on the blog? For all the hopeless romantics out there, here is the #RomanticSuggestionOftheWeek, the series you were waiting for to feed your TBW queue.

*to-be-watched queue.

I may be late to the party, but this week’s suggestion has filled all my deepest desires, even the ones I haven’t thought I have… I’m talking in terms of romantic, epic stories. I have eared about Cruel Intentions for years and have always kept it to a side, as one more movie I would eventually watch in a boring afternoon, but just not now.

And it was indeed on an October afternoon I found myself choosing this story from my fall TBW. And I couldn’t believe my heart when it started with Placebo and finished with The Verve. My heart shattered.

If you add the information that the lead couple of the movie actually ended up marrying each other and having two kids in real life (one of which actually made its first acting appearance in Jenny Han’s To All The Boys last movie), your heart must burst.

I’m a romantic at heart. But I need a bit more in most stories to feel indeed that excitement for the love story being told. And I didn’t know how much I enjoyed the darkly confused messed up guy meets good girl clichè until I arrived at 3/4 of this movie.

I spent most of it waiting for the ball to drop. Afraid and excited at the same time for what would come. But I never… EVER… Expected Sebastian to surprise me so much.

So, if you don’t know any spoilers also, as I didn’t. And if you love Emo 2000s music, the original Gossip Girl vibes, are a fan of Chuck & Blair’s dark sides, or just love Damon (you will see a pattern here, yes, you will), please, watch this movie. But don’t watch the 2nd and the 3rd. Just this one. I didn’t see it either.

Where to watch it: Amazon Prime.

Well, there you have it. Another discovery that filled my heart for at least one more week, while I (still) struggle to draft my next book idea in time for NaNoWrimo 2022. I hope it fills yours too.

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