3 closets I would love to have

So, I promised myself that I would post here every week on friday. But this week was a bit chaotic and got to friday night and specially after a gym session, my brain is totally fried. But, let’s skip out the excuses and publish what is on my mind. And that is… closets.

Allyson Johnson

I’ve thinking about turning my guest aka spare room into my beauty / closet or whatever the cool kids call it this days. And I think I finally deserve it. I’m turning 27 in a couple of weeks, I’m getting married and going to have a beautiful (cross your fingers that no one dies in process of choosing) wedding dress to display somewhere (hint: the future closet aka beauty room) and well, I earn my money. Isn’t that the only excuse you really need?

But you know… That’s not that important or urgent, so I have been keeping it in my wishlist for somewhere in the future. Now, I think this should be that future. I’m ready to start building my closet.

So, because of that, here are 3 closets that I would love to turn into my own:

And this one and her old one (which started this big dream). Always.


What do you think? Should I start making the IKEA list for this weekend? ^^


Big kisses,