I’m going to be honest: blogging is boring

Now that I got your attention: I’m struggling. Yes, I never thought to say this, especially on a blog post, but here it is: I’m bored af of blogging. So much that even thinking about writing a blogpost get’s me sleepy.

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I don’t know if it’s because I’m trying to share as much useful content as possible here (leaving me to write on a more serious note than I was used to) or if it’s just because I’ve been doing this for a long time.

Actually, I was so bored that I decided to run a new list of “New Ideas” for blogposts. Not that the old list was really OLD (it was from January, actually), but because none of it made me excited to write.

You know what? Neither the new ones did either.

I have been searching for new things on blogging, trying to learn new ways, and even that had made me not excited. At all.

And if you know me: learning new things, and organizing new ways, are my top favorite hobbies.

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But, here is the thing: if you are blogging for more than ten years (cough, cough, more like 12, to be honest), there isn’t a lot of new things to learn.

Actually, I pass those whole youtube videos thinking that those new “tips” are what is killing the blogging space really. But let’s skip that one for another day, shall we?

This to arrive to today: I really wanted to outline and draft a new blog post today. I was confident. Motivated. I was ready. I was going to do it.


That boredom kicked in again.

I didn’t want to write any of those ideas.

So, after hours of trying to outline and get my creative juices going, I ended…


“I’m so bored with blogging”

on Google.

Yes, I really did it. I searched it. And you know what I found? Actually a couple of very refreshing blogposts.

You know what? I’m from an old age of blogging. That age when there were blogs and there were websites. Blogs would be personal and fun. Websites would be informational (and boring).

There was no guideline on how to blog.

On how many blog posts a blogger should publish a week.

Guys, nobody had time for that!

We were having fun. Writing from our hearts. Sharing our favorite things. Having fun. (Did I write that two times in a line? Yes, because we were!)

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I miss those times. But what I miss more is to love my online space.

I think since I started working in tech I started looking at my blog in a more serious way. I know that I’ve changed my approach several times with it, but this is not what it’s going to happen here.

I’m not going to change it.

This space will still have useful, real information for anyone looking to get into the Tech industry. I’m not going to stop that. This is my mission to all of you.

But I’m lost. I need help. I need fun.

So, I’m going to try to switch a few things here: add a few more fun blog posts, in the middle of our more serious ones.

And I would like your help:

Tell me: what are you looking to know more about me? Or my journey? Or working in the tech field?

Tell me all.

I will answer you here with new blog posts, on my Instagram feed or Stories, or even on my Youtube!

(one of my goals for this quarter is to learn how to make Reels / YT Shorts and all that stuff, pray for me! my 11-year-old godson knows more than me and my 2-year-old kid had already starred in a Tiktok while mommy doesn’t even know how to start!).

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