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    My tips for the perfect remote workday

    I love working from home. I’m a known advocate of working remotely way before corona hit us. I prefer way much to get up and start working without having a commute in between. But, I know it’s difficult for some, and there are a few changes that even I had to implement to work perfectly for me. Here are my tips for having a perfect productive remote workday, based on what I learned in years of working from home. “Remote work does have its share of problems. Some people dislike working in the same place where they live and relax, and it can be difficult to create and maintain a…

  • Work Work Work,  Working From Home

    4 Top Things That Helped Me Work From Home This Year

    I love working from home, I’m all about working remotely. But… We all need to agree that working from home in the past year hasn’t been easy, or at all the same as it was done before. At least not around here, now that we have a baby and had to work remotely during a pandemic. That is why today I bring you the 4 Top Things That Helped Me Work From Home This Year. And I promise, they are easy and everyone will be able to implement them in their life. 1. Wireless headphones Ok, I was a little skeptical to make this change, since I travel for work…