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    #Liveyourdreamlife: How to change your mindset to have the life you truly desire

    You know you want that life. You know what are your true dreams. You see that motivation video or read that book and go for the life you want only to find yourself falling for the same procrastination loop by the end of the year where you end up looking behind and realize that nothing has changed? I had the same problem. And you know what? I'm going to tell you how to kick that loop in the ass.

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    How I Got Started and you can do it too

    A year ago I posted a Youtube video with how I became a Developer where I quickly told you how I ended up working in a multinational IT company doing something I love. One year after, my experience not only increased but developed my ambition to show you how you can do it too. There is why today I’m going to show you exactly that: While I was working on this blog post, I decided to add a little sneak peek of this conversation to an About page which you will be able to find at all times in the top menu of this blog. There I will be updating…

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    How I plan on reading 100 books this year

    I plan on reading 100 books this year. “What?” Yes, one hundred books. I have challenged me with this target for three years in a row now and for three years I have failed. I actually had read fewer books in 2019 than in the previous year. So, I should just give up, right? F*ck no! This year I will make it. And you know why? Because I have a plan. And it’s already working. You can check my progress on this page and by following me on Goodreads. Now, let’s see how I plan on reading 100 books in one year and how you can do it too:  Sign…

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    2020: Let’s create a hell of a decade!

    2020 has begun. A new year, a new decade, a new adventure. When I was preparing the change of the year I thought about writing a post with my decade review. I even drafted it in my Bullet Journal (which I have got back to using and is now starting to feel like my best friend), but it didn’t feel right. The last decade had a lot of great accomplishments. Actually, it was a hell of a decade. But, do you really want to know what happened in 10 years of my life? Well, if you do, here it is: 2010 – I entered university 2011 – My godson has…

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    Miscarriage: How I got back from the darkest moment of my life

    The first half of this year wasn’t easy. I had a very dark start of the year. I lost a baby. I felt lost, in the darker place of my life. I got lost psychologically. I got the more down I was ever in. But in this same year, I got back. I got myself back. I got more close to God than ever. To my husband. To my family. To my work. To my dreams. I got married. I traveled to my dream location. I moved house. I got promoted. I got pregnant again. And more important I did all these things because I focused on my well being…

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    This is the First Blog Post

    You know what I hate? Like, really really hate? First Blog Posts Not reading them, but writing them. In my more-than-I can-count 14 years old career as a blogger I can’t remember how many times I had to write this terrible species of multimedia content. And independently of how many I write, I keep hating them. And forgetting about them until the next time something happens with my last blog and I decide to switch or create a new one and have this terrible thing to deal with ALL OVER AGAIN. You know what, I think I’m done with them. Aren’t you done with them? Let’s start a revolution: NO…