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    How to choose the right college degree

    In my How I Got Started and You Can Too post I advised on going to college only if you really wanted to, today I share how you make the right choice while choosing the right college degree for you. Spoiler alert: choose something you love! Around my 2nd year in college, I hit a block. I wasn’t happy. I didn’t feel like I was learning what I needed. I felt lost. I almost give up and went to a fly attending course (if you know me, you know how funny this seemed, I’m 1,50cm!). But I got through and this was what I learned through this course and what…

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    My tips for the perfect remote workday

    I love working from home. I’m a known advocate of working remotely way before corona hit us. I prefer way much to get up and start working without having a commute in between. But, I know it’s difficult for some, and there are a few changes that even I had to implement to work perfectly for me. Here are my tips for having a perfect productive remote workday, based on what I learned in years of working from home. “Remote work does have its share of problems. Some people dislike working in the same place where they live and relax, and it can be difficult to create and maintain a…

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    4 Top Things That Helped Me Work From Home This Year

    I love working from home, I’m all about working remotely. But… We all need to agree that working from home in the past year hasn’t been easy, or at all the same as it was done before. At least not around here, now that we have a baby and had to work remotely during a pandemic. That is why today I bring you the 4 Top Things That Helped Me Work From Home This Year. And I promise, they are easy and everyone will be able to implement them in their life. 1. Wireless headphones Ok, I was a little skeptical to make this change, since I travel for work…

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    Lockdown #2 Day 6: If you’re not well…

    Advice for this 6th day in lockdown: “Se não estás bem, põe-te bem.”* *Portuguese proverb (not really, it was just created 5 min ago) meaning: if you don’t feel like yourself, do something to fix it! I found that this is the philosophy I’ve been following for the last decade. If I’m not ok, I just search how to fix it. Especially, when I feel lost, confused, tired, overwhelmed. If you feel like that right now, not like your used self: do something about it. Just one little step. Look for help. It may be something so easy as searching what you feel on Google (but remember, Google is not…

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    Lockdown #2 Day 5: Make a Quarantine To-Do List

    First lockdown weekend has come and go and I almost published this post. But then I have the realization: no, I’m not going to work on anything this weekend. I’m going to take a real, true, relax break. (One idea to post about later.) So, I drafted the idea and left it for today. Here it is: Even if you feel like you’re stuck at home, thinking about it in a different way will make you feel so much better. Even if you’re stuck in your little apartment, room, alone, with your kids homeschooling… Having something to look forward to is key in these times. I started by creating a…

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    Lockdown #2 Day 1: celebrate your wins

    Friday. January 15th. Portugal goes into its 2nd Coronavirus Lockdown. I’m just finishing one more workweek. So, let’s forget we are in Lockdown. Not forget, forget, because we still need to remember to #StaytheFuckHome, but I decided to write, create content, share useful information during this Lockdown. And get back on the blog. So, today I decided to share something I’m very bad at doing and that I found it very helpful to do on a Friday… even more on a lockdown Friday. That thing is: celebrate your wins. I found across an article today that reminded me of ending the week strong by writing down my 3 greatest accomplishments…

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    What to do on your summer holidays to recharge (even at home)

    We had some pretty intense months. You may have been challenged to start working from home, have your kids 24/7, homeschooling, forbidden to go out for your usual relax outings, or working as a necessary front line worker while everyone was safe at home. Whatever was your reality on the first part of this year, there wasn’t a time where you deserve these tips more than this moment: One thing I always enjoyed at the end of the summer was the planning of getting back to school, to a new year of hustling, adventures, new things. Do you remember that sensation? A few years ago I found myself asking: why…

  • Birth story: what you really need in postpartum during a pandemic

    Birth story: what you really need in postpartum during a pandemic

    Having a baby during a pandemic is not easy, but I got you, mama. We welcomed our baby boy on March 12th, one day after Covid-19 was characterized as a pandemic and just a few days before the emergency state was activated in our country, Portugal. We left the hospital to this quarantined world where we all still are now. But we got through it and you will too. Here are our top tips and things you need to get through postpartum during this coronavirus pandemic: The first time I talked with my gramma, just a few days after we came home, she asked: “how are you getting through this…

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    Birth story: bringing our baby home in the middle of a pandemic

    Having a baby during the coronavírus pandemic was not easy but we got through. With the best medical stuff we could ask for, our family at a distance of a FaceTime or WhatsApp, and most crucially, each other, we survived and got our free pass to go home. Then the real stuff started. Usually, when parents are discharged to go home they say they feel scared or even anxious about how they are taking a thing so little home: “what if we are not ready? What if we break them?”. Well, I can say that neither myself or André thought that, we had a very different experience which will make…

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