The start of something new

I have been thinking about this for what seems like a really long time. At first I was afraid, like frozen-afraid, to take the leap. And then I just felt like it could never work. What, my name? And starting to write in other language?!

But that was exactly what I needed to do. Start a new chapter.

So many things have changed since I started… I left college. I found a job. I found the love of my life. Started a life together. Got a home. Started a career. Got engaged.

And the blog continued to be the same old place with that same old name, that never made sense, because I was never secret. ^^ Ah, funny!

I was ready to take the leap and begin a new chapter this January 19th, (**check the archives**) 6 years after the begin of this little space.

And I’m so ready for it!

With this new start you may found that all the old posts vanished. Don’t worry, they didn’t disappeared. I’m only editing and re-posting only the posts that I want to have in this space.

Because this is my special space. And I’m decided to turn it into my favorite space of the all wold wide web.

Let’s do this!

Big kiss,



PS: Let me know what you would like to see here in the blog for now on. And check the other new posts that you can already read here.