I’m engaged!

Yes, I’ve been keeping a secret. I’ve posted it on A Melhor Amiga da Noiva a few months back but I was waiting for the perfect moment to share it here.

We’ve been engaged for 5 months now and we’re gonna get married in June 2019. Yes, there’s still a lot of time and lots of planning to do. But I can’t be more excited! The proposal was very special and nerdy just like us. It was in a very old and historic train station in the little village of Beirã in Marvão (Portugal), which is deactivated since 2011 and is now a very cute hostel called Trainspot.

André just fooled me by saying he had left something in the car when we just arrived to our room and surprised me with a Alice in Wonderland inspired text treasure hunt to find him. I can assure you that at first it was not fun. The phone connection there was really low and I couldn’t make sense of what he was talking about, mainly because I wasn’t receiving the images with the clues that helped all to make sense. When I finally found some wifi sign near the reception, I got to found him right in the old entrance to the old station, smiling and waiting for me. When I saw him I knew. I can’t remember much than hugging him, laughing and crying a lot and seeing the little box there. I can’t remember how I let go of him just enough so he could ask the question. But he did. And I said yes.


I’m going to confess, it wasn’t a completely out of the blue surprise, since we had talked a lot about it (and for a lot, I mean making-him-suffer-with-me-talking-about-it-for-a-year) and we knew it was going to be soon. The ring was chosen together the day before and I was ready to take it home in that moment and forget about the grand gesture. But he didn’t aloud me and did what he promised. He surprised me. And it was really more special this way.


So, now you know. We still didn’t changed our Facebook status, neither told my maid of honor that she is the chosen one (I’m excited for this!). But I can now start sharing about this exciting phase of our lives here and on A Melhor Amiga da Noiva. And I can’t wait!

Big kiss,